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Meghwal community

Our aim: -
 Meghwal community rich in social, economic, religious, psychological and cultural.
 Death feast, alcohol abuse, child marriage, polygamy, dowry, foreign exploitation, oppression and social and social workers to prevent crimes and to support vulnerable people try to get rid of such actions hinder progress.

At your service.
 Meghwal community you any information, messages, marital, social, family or individual - this blog can get published free.

 It is not in your city in any corner of the world has ever seen.

address: --- nav mandusiya surera
 meghwal basti ward no.4 surera
 block: - dantaramgarh (sikar) rajasthan
 contect us:-   +91 9929394143
 my website (blogs)
सुरेरा नवनिर्माण सेना (नवरतन मंडुसिया सुरेरा)

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नवरत्न मन्डुसिया

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