गुरुवार, 12 मई 2011

National Seminars All Mehvansh General Assembly decision

All Mehvansh National Assembly, said that India's national president Gopal Denwaal Mehvansh society despite the diversity of people in India living life to control the compulsion. 1671 names and aliases to Mehvanshj in India and sub-caste known names. Time demands and conditions that today are trying to control a drawing. Mehvansh in India: The population is up 21 to 16: The. But find Aneko names are hyphenated. Hence Staff - Staff brother - his brother on the lines - while maintaining our nations survival of Mehvanshj Benr All agreed to tie down a decision in Shutr seminar was
Mehvansh a formula tied to how - Bikhren and the 1671 names of Mehvansh Bichde Mehvansh the value of a formula to Pirokara - Zave esteem and self-protected. Emperor Mehऋhay Taऋhay vast country and territories of God Vanshjo be addressed in the 1671 race names on the Mehvanshio collect and organize a forum in society make sense of emotional integration and self-consciousness of the dignity of Mehvanshioan wake. - How are held as Mehvansh Education -
Dev Narayan Board Mehvansh Welfare Board on the lines built in the country and visiting every state in each of about 2000 million budget provision made Trashte Zave Mehvansh only the President and forced the class, hunger and our students - students of the future could be bright Because the reading room for children of upper-caste community - instead of their own community school - college etc.. Traoan upper-class students - girls and wish to compete with boys - girls in the country - abroad for studying welfare and educational development through support for board mills. Mehvansh education in society and wider dissemination of knowledge - with the aim of spreading Shikshaalayoan - schools planned to enter the ongoing campaign as well as boys - for girls hostels at district and tehsil level building Alak wake and multiple higher education - training Mehvansh to encourage schools, colleges and universities established to realizing potential

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नवरत्न मन्डुसिया

देवास शुभागमन होगा बलाई समाज के चमत्कारिक सन्तशिरोमणी भगवान भीखाजी महाराज की पावन चरण पादुका दर्शन यात्रा का।

मंडुसिया न्यूज़ ! मध्यप्रदेश ! देवास प्रान्तीय बलाई समाज विकास मंच के जिला मीडिया प्रभारी राहुल परमार ने जानकारी देते हुए बताया कि दिनाँक 1...