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The Megh (Hindi:मेघ), Meghwal (Hindi:मेघवाल) or Meghwar (Hindi:मेघवार, Urdu:میگھواڑ, Sindhi:ميگھواڙ) people live primarily in northwest India with a small population in Pakistan. As of 2008, their total population was estimated at 2,807,000, of whom 2,760,000 lived in India. They speak Marwari (659,000), Hindi (663,000), Dogri (230,000), Punjabi (175,000) and various other regional languages. As a scheduled caste, their traditional occupations was weaving. Most are Hindu by religion, with Rishi Megh, Kabir,Ram Devji and Bankar Mataji their chief gods.Megh lineage is considered to have originated from Rajarishi Vritra also known as Megh Rishi.
A meeting of Megh Intellectuals held in Jammu in 2009 "DSC01576.JPG"

Total population
Regions with significant populations
• India • Pakistan
• Marwari • Gujarati • Hindi• Dogri• Punjabi• Bagri• Dhundari• Punjabi• Shekhawati• Mewari• Godwari• Kachchi• Hadothi• Kashmiri• Sindhi• Bhadrawahi• Malvi• Nimadi• Haryanvi• Kangri• Konkani• Nagarchal• Marathi• Chambeali• Kannada• Punjabi• Bilaspuri• Bhattiyali
•Hinduism 90% • Sikhism 10%
Related ethnic groups
• Megh• Meghwal• Meghwar•




Alexander Cunningham in his 1871 book Archaeological Survey of India propounded that Meghs were Pre-Aryans who came to Punjab from Assyria and settled in Sapta Sindhu (the land of seven rivers). Under Aryan pressure, they may have migrated to the Maharashtra and Vindhyachal region during the Megalithic period (1400-1200 BCE) and later to Bihar and Orissa. They belong to Indus Valley Civilization. They claim to have descended from Rishi Megh, a saint who had the power to bring rain from the clouds (Megh) through his prayer. The word Meghwar is derived from the Sanskrit word, megh, meaning clouds and rain, and war (Hindi: वार), meaning a group, son and child. (Sanskrit: वार:) Literally, then, the words Meghwal and Meghwar connote a people who belong to Megh lineage. It is also said that the Meghs lived in mountaineous regions of Jammu and Kashmir where lot of cloud activity is experienced. People living there were naturally given the name Megh (clouds).

Mythological traces of Meghs

In Indian mythology Rajarishi Vritra(Megh Rishi) was the religious head and also the king of Sapta Sindhu region. He was progenitor of Nagavansha which ruled over entire India. They were known for godly qualities in their behavior, style, qualification and quality. They were experts in architecture. They worshipped dragon. Meghwals are identified with Hiranyakasipu, Prahlada, Hiranyaksha, Virochana, Maveli, Ban etc.

Historical traces of Meghs

During Maurya period Chedi kings of Meghavansha ruled over Kalinga. They used to add Mahameghavahana with their names and identified themselves with Mahameghavansha. Kalinga king Kharvel defeated Pushyamitra of Magadh and won over the regions of southern India (presently Tamil Nadu). Kalinga kings followed Jain religion. After the fall of Mauryas, kings of Meghavansha regained their power and independence. Rulers of Chedi, Vatsa, Matsya etc. were called Meghs. At the dawn of Gupta Vansh Kaushambhi was an independent state. The ruler Meghraj was from Meghavansha and followed Buddhism. Geographical distribution
The Meghwal are from Marwar in Rajasthan. In the 1981 Census for Rajasthan, the combined population of people notified as Megh, Meghwal, Menghvar was 889,300. They also live in western Gujarat near the Pakistan border and in other parts of India such as Maharashtra, Punjab and Haryana. The Meghs are from Jammu and Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh and known as Megh, Arya Megh and Bhagat. In some places they are known as Ganeshia, Meghbansi, Mihagh, Rakhesar, Rakhia, Rikhia, Rishia and other names. Some of the Mahashas also claim to be belonging to Meghs. After Partition of India in the year 1947, the Meghs who had become converts to the Hinduism, had to migrate to Indian territory. Most of them migrated from Sialkot and settled in camps established for them in Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.
In Pakistan the word Meghwar is used in place of Meghwal.Most of the Meghs have been migrated from Sialkot but Some Meghs are still living in Sialkot district. As of 1991, the population of Meghs in Punjab (India) was estimated at 105,157. In 2000, about 226,600 Meghwar lived in Pakistan, principally in the Punjab northeast of the cities of Dadu and Nawabshah, and in Sindh, mostly in the Badin, Mirpur Khas, Tharparkar, and Umerkot districts.

Meghs as Scheduled Caste in India

List of notified Scheduled Castes : Meghs Registered as scheduled caste in India Census Report 2001.
  • Jammu & Kashmir  : Megh Or Kabirpanthi (Serial No.10)
  • Himachal Pradesh : Megh,Julaha, Julahe, Kabirpanthi, Keer Serial No.(31,39)
  • Punjab  : Megh,Serial No.(19,24)
  • Chandigarh  : Megh,Kabirpanthi( Serial No.(18,23)
  • Utteranchal  : Kori Kabirpanthi( Serial No.(50)
  • Delhi  : Meghwal,Kabirpanthi( Serial No.(18,27)
  • Haryana  : Megh,Kabirpanthi,Kori( Serial No.(19,21,24)
  • Rajasthan  : Balai,Koli,Kori,Megh, Meghval, Meghwal, Menghvar( Serial No.(7,37,46)
  • Uttar Pradesh  : Kori Kabirpanthi,Balai ( Serial No.(10,50)
  • Chhatisgarh  : Meghwal, Koli, Kori( Serial No.(30,35)
  • Madhya Pradesh  : Koli, Kori,Meghwal( Serial No.(31,38)
  • Gujrat  : Meghval, Meghwal, Menghvar( Serial No.(31)
  • Maharashtra  : Meghval, Menghvar( Serial No.(50)

Prominent people

  • Prof.Raj Kumar, National President, Bhagat Mahasabha has worked a lot to unite Megh samaj in India. He has established state units of Bhagat Mahasabha in Punjab, Haryana, J&K, Rajasthan etc. He is also running social networking to create awareness among Meghs.
  • Milkhi Ram Bhagat was first amongst all scheduled castes of Punjab state to be selected in the first batch of the Punjab Civil Service (PCS). He served as a Magistrate and in other administrative posts.[citation needed] He worked for inclusion of Meghs in Scheduled Castes.
  • Ms. Suman Bhagat rose to the level of Minister for Health and Medical Education in the government of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Roshan Lal Bhagat was first among Meghs in Punjab who contested MLA election from Jalandhar South on Janta Party Ticket in 1977.He remained Municipal Commissioner in Jalandhar.
  • Chuni Lal Bhagat was first Megh to be elected as Member of Punjab Legislative Assembly. He contested on Bharatiya Janata Party's ticket.
  • Choudhary Nathu Ram won MLA seat from Malout,punjab in 2002 as CPI candidate & Later joined Congress.He contested as congress candidate in 2007 from Malout reserve constituency.
  • Ms. Sneh Lata Kumar Bhagat daughter of Milkhi Ram Bhagat PCS was the first lady who became direct IAS (Indian Administrative Services) officer from Meghs in Punjab. She came into the limelight when she bagged two silver medals in swimming events during the All India Civil Services competition at Chennai.
  • Ms. Vimla Bhagat was the first Megh lady to be elevated as Class-I officer in the Indian Administrative Services (Chairperson of the Himachel Pradesh Public Service Commission).
  • Bhanwar Lal Meghwal became the education minister of Rajasthan.
  • Surendar Valasai Meghwar is a famous journalist and Media coordinator of Media Cell, Bilawal House is the most prominent and influence man within the Meghwar community in Pakistan. He is the founder president of Scheduled Castes Federation of Pakistan (SCFP).
  • Mangi Lal became a recipient of Vishvakarma Rashtriya Puraskar (1998) and Shram Sri Puraskar (2003) awards.
  • Jagmohan Bhagat,IPS posted as DIG in West Bengal.
  • Harish Kashyup,IPS posted as DIG in Uttar pradesh.
  • Saurabh Bhagat,IAS Posted as Deputy Commissioner,Samba,J&K.
  • Kadumbhari Bhagat,IAS got 239 rank in 2010 Indian Adminitrative Examination.
  • Guldev Raj Bhagat,IAS Posted as Deputy Commissioner,Kishtwar,Jammu & Kashmir
  • Moola Ram Bhagat former Cabinet Minister,Jammu & Kashmir.
  • Prof. Gharu Ram Bhagat,MLA R.S.Pura,Jammu.
  • Krishan Chander Bhagat,MLA Chanani,Jammu.

Satguru Kabir Mandir of Megh Samaj in India

kabir.jpg Satguru Kabir Ji Maharaj
  • Satguru Kabir Mukh Mandir,Jalandhar.
  • Satguru Kabir Community Hall,Bhargav Nagar,Jalandhar.
  • Satguru Kabir Mandir,Kabir Nagar,Jalandhar.
  • Satguru Kabir Mandir,Haripura,Amritsar.
  • Satguru Kabir Mandir,Majitha,Amritsar.
  • Satguru Kabir Mandir,Nakodar.
  • Satguru Kabir Mandir,Sujanpur,Distt.Gurdasspur.
  • Satguru Kabir Mandir,Deenanagar,Distt.Gurdaspur.
  • Satguru Kabir Mandir,Pathankot.
  • Satguru Kabir Mandir,Kathua.
  • Satguru Kabir Mandir,Heera Nagar,Jammu.
  • Satguru Kabir Mandir,Bishnah,Jammu.
  • Satguru Kabir Mandir,Nandpur,R,S.Pura,Jammu.
  • Satguru Kabir Mandir,Riari,Jammu.
  • Satguru Kabir Mandir,Riasi,Jammu.

Megh Rishi Mandirs in India

  • Megh Rishi Mandir,Tehsil Complex,Abohar,Punjab

Megh Singers

  • Ranjan Romy.
  • Ashu Koti Bhagat.
  • Kimti Bhagat.
  • Ramesh Kasim Bhagat.
  • Ramesh Lal Sialkoti

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